Plum goodness NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal - Black Brilliance Review

I'm completely missing out even kajal & lipstick during this Quarantine time., aren't you? 🙋

But totally when in the sale, I mostly never miss out (especially when favourites are in offer, I definitely restock them) 
one of it would be the "Plum kohl kajal". I apply it as eyeliner more than a kajal. It's okay without lipstick but definitely, eyeliner is a must for me.

Here's the Quick review on "plum kohl kajal" Shade: "Black Brilliance"

I bought this last year when everyone is raving about it. This kohl pencil is one of their brand "bestsellers". When I bought there is only one shade available which is "Black brilliance" which I am reviewing now. Other shades which were launched later are "Gemstone green" & "Uptown brown".

This kajal comes in a cardboard box along with sharpener. one can easy to carry around and travel friendly. 
Thinking every kajal pencils are., right? wait there, there is much more special in this kohl pencil.

It is not a retractable one so., comes with a sharpener. which is a downside for me. 
when we sharpen each time for precision, more product would be wasted.

👋 TIP: Keep the pencil in the refrigerator for a few minutes before sharpening it. 

Weight: 1.2 g
shelf life: 3 years
Price: 495/- INR

The kajal is extremely soft on eyes, smooth gliding and no breakage of the kohl. No irritation even after wearing it all-day. The biggest advantage is " it can be used as a kajal & eyeliner" as well. 

No shine, matte-finish perfect for everyday eyeliner/kajal. 

This is a single swipe & see how intensely pigmented

Full Ingredients listHydrogenated castor oil, rice bran wax, natural vitamin e

100% smudge-proof & water-proof. need proof? Click here

so, one can use it during the rainy season as well. 

you may not get the pointy tip when applying it as an eyeliner, but that pointy tip can be drawn by liquid eyeliner. That's what I do. 

Free from : Parabens, PVC, Mineral oil. 
Enriched with: Vitamin E, Vegan Friendly & ophthalmologically approved.

I wish it comes as a retractable pencil, other than that 
It is my favourite kohl pencil and go-to eyeliner since the day I purchased it. 

Rating: 4.9/5 (If retractable then 5/5)

#Myskinhappiness 💖


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